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Barton upon Humber Civic Society was formed in 1969 and celebrated 40 years in 2009.  The aims of the society remain the same though - to preserve the historic fabric of the town of Barton upon Humber and to promote a healthy interest in the town including high standards of planning and building design..

The Civic Society regularly hold talks, lectures and occasionally outings, all on a variety of topics.  We have also produced a number of trails around the town which are available from various outlets and from the walks leaflets page of this site..  We have also erected numerous plaques on various important buildings throughout the town, and give annual awards to projects which we feel have enhanced the town or enhanced a building which was in danger of becoming neglected (or has improved an already neglected building).  The Civic Society regularly take part in National campaigns such as Tree Week and Environment Week.

The Barton upon Humber Civic Society is affiliated to the national body for Amenity Societies, the Civic Trust, as well as the Lincoln Federation of Amenity Societies.

For more information about the society email help@bartoncivicsociety.co.uk.  Please note we are all volunteers so any reply may not be instant, please be patient - thank you.

The Civic Society Archive

The Society holds a large archive of local material - books, magazines and personal records.  This is currently being held at the Wilderspin National School.

We are hoping that we will soon be able to undertake the cataloguing of the archive in order to be able to make it available to researchers and other interested parties.


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