Contemporary History

One of the tasks performed by the committee at the Executive Committee meeting is to record all the contemporary history that has occurred in the town since the last meeting.  This is an important historic record for the town, and is shared here for the wider audience. Please feel free to email the Society with any sensible additions you think may have been missed.

September 2016 Meeting

The former baby clothing shop in the Market Place has closed down.

Angela Jones ( Seamstress ) has ceased trading.

Serene Beaute has opened at 37 Fleetgate.

Old Courts Veterinary Surgery has relocated to 53 Whitecross Street.

The new pedestrian crossing has been installed on Holydyke.

The Volunteer Arms has had a facelift.

The Annual Award plaque has been erected on Blue Bell Court.

A new house is under construction on Park Avenue.

The death has occurred of Keith James, who served on the executive committee and environment sub committee for several years. Four of his former colleagues on the latter group attended his funeral service at Haltemprice Crematorium.

      The death has also occurred of Audrey Lee, widow of Peter who served as the society’s treasurer for a long period.

July 2016 Meeting

The path along the top of the Humber Bank West of the Haven is currently being resurfaced with tarmac.

Considerable internal work is currently progressing in the former Balfour Beatty Office Block on Humber Road, but it has been confirmed that a recent planning application for conversion to dwellings was refused.

A new Charity shop on behalf of St. Andrew’s Children’s Hospice, known as   “Andy’s” has opened in the former China Shop premises in the Market Place and has been well received.

Regular annual events including Arts Week, Bike Night, Lions Beer Festival and the Humber Bridge Half Marathon have all been held successfully in recent weeks.

The shelter in the Market Place has been re-opened after considerable strengthening work, but as yet the roof has not been replaced.

The housing development on the former Appleyard premises on Bowmandale is progressing well.

      A pedestrian crossing is being installed on Holydyke.

June 2016 Meeting

- The Queens pub has closed.

- King Street has been resurfaced.

- Day’s Outfitters has been reopened as a florist shop.

- Reed’s is now to be known as the Humber Bridge Country Hotel.

- Lots of structural work is being done to the Market Lane public shelter to make it structurally sound.

- Work is now finished on the north side entrance to Trinity Methodist Chapel and the scaffolding on Vestry Lane is almost all down.

- Some work appears to be going on at the Coach and Horses and there is a rumour that it has been sold.

- The annual Beer Festival was underway in Baysgarth Park as the meeting progressed.

       - There are parties planned in celebration of the Queen’s 90th birthday

May 2016 Meeting

The former China shop premises in the Market Place are being renovated in preparation for opening as a charity shop for St. Andrew’s Children’s Hospice.

73 Ferriby Road is now open as a guest house, offering Bed and Breakfast facilities.

It is rumoured that the large area of Public Open Space at the junction of Ferriby Road and the A15 is to be sold for development by NLC, with an Aldi store and 50 houses apparently being a possibility. Several residents on Forkdale have received visits from Councillor Keith Vickers seeking opinions on the proposals.

Stephenson’s Farm, on Brigg Road, extending to over 800 acres, is up for sale by sealed bid.

A debate on EU membership was held in the Joseph Wright Hall on Friday 6th May, with a majority of attendees voting to remain.

Scaffolding has been erected along Soutergate onto one of the former Elswick Hopper buidings, presumably in preparation for demolition. The ornamental wall ties from the old buildings are to be incorporated into the building which is to be converted into mixed uses.

The bungalow on Barrow Road has now been demolished by Keigars.

Keigar are also progressing with new houses on the former Appleyard premises on Bowmandale.

Work is continuing on the Methodist Church but there were several negative comments about the self rusting railings erected on the Chapel Lane frontage.

April 2016 Meeting

It was reported that a whirlwind had struck Barton on the evening of Saturday 26th March, with considerable damage resulting to some properties in the Waterside Road area.

Wren Kitchens have announced a new £ 40m factory development, along with 600 new jobs.

      The Flower Garden is now trading from the old Days shop on High Street.

March 2016 Meeting

Amy duBois is the recipient of the Town Award for 2016.

Work is progressing on the frontage of the Trinity Methodist Church.

The shop front has been removed from 36 Fleetgate.

Work has recommenced on the new housing at the Eastern end of Dam Road.

Lords and Ladies hair salon has now opened on Priestgate.

Qudos Homes are now based at Wilderspin School.

February 2016 Meeting

Dr. Jaggs-Fowler has fully retired as a GP from the end of January.

The new Lindsey Lodge Hospice shop on George Street is now open.

      The Humber Bridge was closed to all traffic on 1st February after a lorry overturned on the Southbound carriageway during high winds

January 2016 Meeting

Miriam Stead was 100 years old on 31 December 2015.

There are signs of activity on the building plot behind the converted brewery on Pasture Road.

Improvements are being made to the rail track necessitating closure and a substitute bus service from 24 December 2015 to 10 January 2016.

Proposals have been put forward for a zebra-crossing on Holydyke.

December 2015 Meeting

Lionel Grooby has retired as resident warden of the Far Ings Nature Reserve, and his replacement is Simon Wellock.

A childrens clothing shop has opened in the former jeweller’s shop in the Market Place.

A Cabinet Maker is now trading on Fleetgate.

Yet another tattoo parlour is now open at 26 High Street.

Building work has now been completed on the former Rafters building on High Street.

The Christmas Fair was successfully held on Saturday 29th November.

Steelwork is now being erected for the new Baysgarth School building.

NJ advised that due to lack of funding it is now unlikely that the Pape sculpture at the school can be saved, but a thorough record is to be made prior to removal and a small section of the sculpture may be preserved by CHAMP.

Dr. Robert Jaggs-Fowler is to fully retire from the Central Surgery practice in January after 26 years.

Kleta Slemane, daughter of Rex Russell, has died suddenly.

New brown Tourism signs have been erected for the Far Ings Nature Reserve and the Tileyard Visitor Centre.

November 2015 Meeting

One Stop shop has replaced the Spar shop at the Fleetgate-Waterside junction.

Days Menswear shop on the high street has closed.

Work has started on refurbishing the old co-op on George Street.

The Birse yard off Dam Road is now a Crane Hire business.

The Humber Bridge Tag method of payment is now in operation.

      The jazz Festival is taking place this weekend

October 2015 Meeting

A streetlight in Soutergate is totally covered in ivy!

Work has started in earnest on the Beck.

Barton Carnival successfully took place again: profits will go to next year’s event.

A Laser Centre (for the removal of tattoos) has opened in the Corn Exchange.

Many more houses have been erected on the Falklands Way development.

Baysgarth School now has a smart new school uniform with individual House neckties.

The chimney at the Wm Blyth tileworks is being re-built

September 2015 Meeting

Amy’s Barbers and the Vape Shack have opened in the newly refurbished shop units in the former Rafters building.

Work has commenced to convert the NISA shop on Fleetgate into a One Stop Shop.

The Jewellers in the Market Place has closed down and the shop is now open as a Childrens Wear shop.

A new CCTV system has been installed around the town centre, with cameras situated on lamp posts rather than on individual properties.

Cobblers sandwich shop has opened on High Street.

Work had started on the Queens Street housing development but was subsequently aborted as the wrong design of foundations was being installed.

The former Birse offices on Humber Road are now vacant.

The former Techmac building on Humber road is now being occupied by Bush Tyres and B.A.B. Distribution.

The Natwest bank has now closed and the HSBC bank is due to close on 2nd October. A mobile branch of the Natwest is now visiting the town on two days per week.

Restoration work has started on Eagle House.

Work on the railway line is to be carried out on Sunday 13th September, including replacement of the track bed.

The Carnival is to be held on the weekend of 12th and 13th September, after an absence of several years.

The exhibition on the life and work of Philip Pape is currently open at Baysgarth Museum and this received favourable comments from several committee members.

Late June 2015 Meeting

Drop kerbs have been removed from George Street.

Several old buildings have been demolished on the old Hopper Cycle Works site.

Madge Dickenson, believed to be Barton’s oldest resident, has celebrated her 105th birthday in Beech House.

36 Holydyke is undergoing renovation work, as is 36 Fleetgate.

Early June 2015 Meeting

The Gallery has opened at 15 George Street.

The NatWest bank is to close on 20th August but it is hoped to have a mobile banking service visiting twice per week.

Drop kerbs have been installed on George Street.

The timetable for the 350 Fast Cat Bus service has now been altered and unfortunately now leaves prior to the arrival of the trains. This situation is clearly unsatisfactory and it is hoped that some compromise can be reached.

Work has been completed on the area East of the Co-op.

A book on Ted Lewis has been published by Monty Martin.

Work on St. Peter’s Court has now been completed.

The restaurant at the Old Tileyard has now reopened.

April 2015 Meeting

Improvement works are being carried out to the area East of the Co-op. A new tree has been planted into a large “structured” tree pit constructed of strata cells which are designed to be load bearing but at the same time contain topsoil allowing the tree to spread its roots in a safe manner without causing any root upheaval. It is understood that the scheme being carried out is not that which was proposed by the Society, but should significantly enhance the area.

Handrails have belatedly been positioned alongside the steps up to the LIDL store.

A new Garden Centre has been opened at the Deepdale Country Store.

The potter is still working at the Tileyard Visitor Centre.

February 2015 Meeting

New signage has been installed at the Co-op.

The Bengal Village restaurant has opened on Fleetgate.

The Red Cross clothes shop has opened in the Market Place.

January 2015 Meeting

The Co-op has re-opened after refurbishment.

Lidl is currently closed for several weeks for extensive renovation works.

Work is progressing quickly on the new housing on the Blue Bell site.

Work is progressing on the conversion works on St. Peter’s Court.

Rex Russell, founder member, former chairman and president of the Society, died on 15th December.

Shape Changers has opened on Falkland Way.

Rodney Clapson’s book on the shipyard has been published.

Ron Hill has published a book entitled “ A Grammar School Boy “.

The bus stop on the West side of Fleetgate is now signposted.

December 2014 Meeting

Refurbishment works are being carried out at both the Co-op and Lidl stores.

The Southern section of Marsh Lane has been closed to traffic to facilitate the rebuilding of outbuildings at Elm Tree House.

The Christmas Festival was held on Saturday 29th November.

Resurfacing work has been carried out on several roads in the town, including Maltby Lane, Cottage Lane, Chapel Lane and Tofts Road.

The Dry cleaning shop on George Street has re-opened under a new name.

The Wheatsheaf has re-opened after kitchen refurbishment.

The Humber Bank footpath West of the Haven has been resurfaced.

The Balfour Beatty office on Humber Road is closing down with the loss of 20 jobs.

The 5th December marks the first anniversary of the tidal surge which caused extensive flood damage along the Humber.

November 2014 Meeting

The Old Bell Watson shop in the Market Place is being converted into a clothing shop for the Red Cross, who will continue to sell furniture etc. from their existing shop on Chapel Lane.

Second Choice has opened for the sale of antiques and second hand goods in Dennis Boyall’s former shop on High Street.

Building work has commenced on the Blue Bell Car Park.

Refurbishment work has commenced at Lidl.

A garden wall believed to date from the 18th century has been demolished to the rear of the Co-op car park, and all the bricks have been thrown away.

An article has been published in the Yorkshire Post magazine on O.H. Boyd, with particular emphasis on his recent work on the new state coach.

Nancy Birtwhistle of Westfield Road was the overall winner of the Great British Bake Off programme on BBC.

The former Salvation Army citadel on Queen’s Street has been bought by the Queen Street School Preservation Trust. It is hoped to name the First Floor Hall after Joseph Wright, the architect of the building, who was prominent in the design of Primitive Methodist Chapels in this region. Restoration and improvement works to the building are to be carried out in stages as funds permit.

The Salvation Army are renting the building back for the time being, but are hoping to build a new citadel on the old Carnival Inn site on Tofts Road.

October 2014 Meeting

It is now official that there is a bus-stop on the West side of Fleetgate opposite Fleetgate Hardware.

Clarice Day, our oldest member has died at the age of 105.

The Philip Pape sculpture at Baysgarth School needs money to both renovate and replace it. Wendy Witter, Chair of the Governors Building Committee of the School has identified the need for £70,000 for removal and £30,000 for restoration and re-siting.  

September 2014 Meeting

Sally-Anna’s has re-opened.

Colin Saywell has retired from Baysgarth School and a new head has been appointed.

Molly’s Flowers has ceased trading in the Market Place and the premises are now occupied by the Foot Clinic which has relocated from High Street.

The Cricket Club are currently carrying out complete reconstruction and drainage work to the outfield.

Keigar Homes have carried out a site strip to the Southern end of their site on Falkland Way.

Keigar Homes have commenced building works on Mill View.

The Blue Bell has been sold with planning permission for residential development.

July 2014 Meeting

Sally-Anna’s has closed for refurbishment and the café section will not re-open, as the whole shop will now be required for storage of stock following the sale of the Queen Street citadel.

Bike Night was held on Wednesday 2nd July.

The Arts Festival has been held.

Bardney Hall is up for sale

June 2014 Meeting

Castledyke School have held their centenary celebrations.

Mrs. Clarice Day has celebrated her 105th birthday.

Days Outfitters has now changed hands and is known as Days and Jones Ltd., incorporating Angela Jones, seamstress.

The crown on the new state coach Britannia has been carved by O.H. Boyd.

North Lincs Council have been sowing poppy seeds at the cemetery in recognition of World War 1.

April/May 2014 Meeting

Reincarnation Safety Supplies has moved from High Street to Falkland Way

The Spice Lounge has closed for refurbishment

The naming ceremony took place on Saturday 26th April of the “John Longitude Harrison”

train at Barton Railway Station, by the mayor of North Lincolnshire Council, Peter Clark.

The Civic Amenity Site on Gravel Pit Lane is currently closed for refurbishment.

Remedial works are continuing to the clay bank along the Humber.

February/March 2014 Meeting

Eagle House has been sold at auction for £ 62,500.

The Place restaurant in the Market Place is under new ownership and is now known as “Harrisons”.

Liz Bennett is to be the recipient of the “Town Award”

Face to Face has opened on Chapel Lane.

The Gallery has opened on George Street in the former Co-co shop.

January 2014 Meeting

Co-Co has ceased trading at 15 George Street.

The recent tidal surge has caused extensive damage to the inner side of the clay embankment between the Tile yard and Pebbly Beach, but there is as yet no sign of any repairs being instigated.

Reeds Hotel suffered extensive damage from the surge and has subsequently gone into liquidation.

It was felt that the flood defences along the Haven had performed very well, and JF reminded the committee that Jim Robertson had campaigned strongly in the past for these defences to be in place.

December 2013 Meeting

Work is progressing on the former Rafters building on High Street.

The highest tides since 1953 were recorded on Thursday 5th December, with severe flooding occurring at Barrow Haven and South Ferriby Sluice.

Articles on Barton have been published in both The Times and The Guardian in recent weeks.

The cracked parapet on the Haven Bridge has been brought to the attention of Councillor Paul Vickers.

A recent road accident on Humber Road has claimed the life of Koen Allwood, 15, a pupil of Baysgarth School.

Beercock, Wiles and Wick have opened an Estate Agent’s Office in the former Knitting Box shop on High Street,

A Branch Line Special train excursion visited Barton station on 26th October.

The Barton office of VANL is to close.

The final Farmers’ Market is to be held on Saturday December 14th, but there are plans to hold “one-off” events on two occasions during 2014.

Tree pruning work has been carried out at the Anglian Water facility on Butts Road.

A new Hair Salon has opened at 37 High Street.

November 2013 Meeting

Eagle House was severely damaged by fire in the early hours of Wednesday November 6th. The entire roof has been destroyed but the walls all remain standing. The future of the building is uncertain.

The White Swan has reopened on 7th November.

Amy’s Barbers has now opened at 26 High Street.

Milla’s Dress Shop has opened at 9 High Street.

Building Work is progressing well on the small housing development on Dam Road.

Clearance work has commenced on the former Welch orchard site on Queen Street.

Work is progressing well on the former Canty and Clark premises and it is hoped that the three town houses will be complete by the end of the year.

The Queens public house is under new management.

The Knitting Box shop has closed down.

St. Peter’s Court housing complex is now understood to be vacant and is awaiting redevelopment.

October 2013 Meeting

Barton Cricket Club have carried out a complete reconstruction of their square.

The Carnival Inn has been demolished.

Rachel Atkin has relocated from 22 High Street to 11 Queen Street.

A new Play area has been installed by Keigar Homes on their Dam Road Development, after some pressure from the Town Council to comply with the planning requirement.

The former card shop on High Street has been sold.

The Registrar’s Office will cease to operate from Baysgarth House as from 1st October.

September 2013 Meeting

Wren Kitchens have now taken over the former Kimberly-Clark premises on Falkland Way.

Some repair work is being carried out on the former Bell Watson Office.

Work is underway on the conversion of the former Canty and Clark shop to 3 houses 

Recent closures include Johnsons Cleaners, the Card Shop on High Street and the Training Provider in the Market Place.

The Coultas family have opened a new Plumbing and Heating Showroom on Fleetgate.

The Carnival Inn building is to be demolished by the new owners, the Salvation Army.

Ivor Akester has died, aged 76.

July 2013 Meeting

Papillon and Crazy Card Card Crafts, both on High Street, have closed down.

Building work has commenced on the former Car sales premises on Dam Road.

Hewson’s Mill is to be put up for sale by auction. It is understood that Jon Sass has contacted the NLC Conservation Officer with concerns about the future of the building.

It is understood that around £ 1150.00 was raised for Lindsey Lodge Hospice at the Open Gardens event.

The annual Bike Night was held on Wednesday 3rd July, with probably a record attendance.

The Humber Bridge Half Marathon was held on Sunday 30th June.

June 2013 Meeting

The Lions annual beer festival was held on 30th May/ 1st June.

The Tattoo shop on High Street has closed.

A new tattoo shop has opened above Sylini’s on Priestgate.

The site on the corner of Butts Road and Pasture Road has been cleared of vegetation and footings installed for one dwelling.

Extensive refurbishment works are being carried out at the White Swan and the owner has been in to 51 Fleetgate to make contact.

May 2013 Meeting

    There is still some water in the Beck after 3 consecutive dry months.

April 2013 Meeting

The Kimberly Clark Factory has ceased production.

A second hand shop has opened at 9 High Street.

The Money Box on King Street is a pawnbroker.

Tim Hollis has retired as Chief Constable of Humberside Police.

March 2013 Meeting

Applegate House on Holydyke was officially opened on 13th February.

Teasdales Bakery has opened on King Street.

South Cliff Farm has been bought by Gordon Harrison who is intending to run this as a working farm to support his enterprise at the Tileyard Heritage Centre.

The Tattoo shop on 9 High street has closed.

The annual Town Award was given to Margaret Sidell for her establishment of the Food Bank.

The Money Box has opened on King Street.

February 2013 Meeting

The Salvation Army are now the owners of the former Carnival Inn site but have decided that the present building cannot be adapted for their purposes. It is therefore proposed to demolish the existing building and to erect a new building in its place. It is also proposed to sell off a small portion of the land for housing to assist with financing of the venture.

Radley Coaches have bought the “Applebys” name from the administrator and hope to operate a new coach in Applebys livery to be based in Barton.

The new Barton Directory has been published.

Kimberley Clark is to close down at the end of March. Their management has announced that it is hoped to find another company to take over the premises, but if this cannot be achieved the factory will be demolished.

It is understood that Birse ( now part of Balfour Beatty ) is to cease operations in Barton in the near future.

January 2013 Meeting

The Beck has overflowed into Soutergate.

A novelty card shop has opened on High Street.

A “Pop-up” Shop is to open in the former DDM premises on Chapel Lane.

Work is progressing on 33 Fleetgate.

The Singing Kettle Café is now open.



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